7 reasons you should only ever go to the cinema by yourself



What do you do if you’re dying to see a film but all your friends have already seen it/refuse to on grounds of taste?

Do you just do nothing and wait for months for it to come out on DVD?

NO. You say to hell with friends, who needs them? You are going to be a strong independent adult who doesn’t need friends to go see a film. And it turns out it’s way better this way anyway:

1. No working around anyone’s schedule but yours

No more of having to postpone going to the cinema because one of your friends can’t ‘do that day’ or has ‘something else on’. It’s just you and you baby, just you and you. Now you don’t have to worry about finding the optimum time for everyone, just rock up to the cinema whenever you want, like a BOSS.

2. No more ‘one for…

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