Month: April 2014

14 things that happen in every close friendship group

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Friends are OK but everybody needs some full blown besties in their life. You’ll recognise these things if you’ve got a super-close group of best friends.

1. You have your own WhatsApp group.

It’s like a secret society but without the weird masks or rituals (most of the time). And no one new is ever allowed into the group. EVER.

2. You’ve coined phrases and hashtags that nobody outside the group understands.

It starts off in the WhatsApp group but soon the phrases permeate into everyday conversation until they actually become a way of life with sets of rules.

3. They are your first call when arranging a night out.

They have already seen the horror that is you drunk so know how to best deal with you. That’s why you invite them to things, so they can teach others!

4. You don’t ask if you can crash at theirs after a night…

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